on November 28th, 2010

We all know that vitamins are beneficial for our health, but not everyone knows that they can also affect our beauty (in a positive way, of course). Vitamin C is one of those which you’d never consider for this goal. Crucial Vitamin C But vitamin C is one of the best sources of anti-oxidants, and […]

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on November 21st, 2010

If you’ve ever experienced an itchy scalp, you’ll know that it is a very uncomfortable feeling, and most would do anything to get rid of it. Doing that is actually pretty easy once you know the reason why you have the problem in the first place. Most of the times the cause of itching is […]

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on November 14th, 2010

Everyone who wants smooth and beautiful skin is using skin care products that are meant to be applied on the outside of the body (on the skin), and very few people know and understand that what goes inside the body can also help a lot. Omega-3 A few years ago, after conducting extensive studies, a […]

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on November 8th, 2010

Acne is probably a teens worst nightmare, gladly all nightmares have an end, but in the case of acne even though it has an end (the active phase) in most cases it leaves some scars, that just will not go away by themselves. Luckily there is also a solution for these issues, and you will […]

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on November 7th, 2010

Everyone wants to look beautiful, and most of people use makeup and cosmetics to enhance their natural beauty, but when your skin becomes itchy or, even worse, breaks out in a rash, it can get very uncomfortable, so it kind of defeats the purpose of using skin care products in the first place. Sensitive Skin […]

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