Everybody knows what “botox” means and how it can make 50 years old woman look like a 20 year old. All the women’s magazines and TV channels constantly remain us how powerful is ” Botox “. But is it really so?

Impossible to turn back time, right?

No woman wants to grow old. The aging is a sin nowadays and plays a more decisive role than it deserves. Therefore, it seems there is nothing more reasonable than to trust the specialists and quickly and easily return your cherished youth and beauty. However, before you undergo a forehead injection of Botox , it is useful to know what exactly is the botulinum toxin. What are the contra-indications and is it really so effective against wrinkles as it’s advertised?

In the basis of this so-vaunted rejuvenating method is the most powerful of all known poisons – botulinum toxin, or so called the sausage poison. This bacterial toxin is formed after improperly canned and preserved meat products. When the body is poisoned by botulinum toxin, the muscles become completely paralyzed. Nowadays, botulinum toxin is widely used – there are 200 different applications. There are many researches going on to examine the effect of the substance for curing asthma, headache, symptoms of prostatitis and even obesity.

The properties of botulinum toxin was discovered accidentally. It is known that the cosmetic effect of hiding the wrinkles is a result of the paralyzed effect of the toxin on the mimic muscles. The treatment with it is very beneficial if you have asymmetry of the face, wrinkles between and around the eyes and forehead. You have to know that wrinkles occurring under the influence of strong gravity, or so-called sleep lines can not be treated with botulinum toxin.

Durability of the effect

Initial results after injection of botox are observed after 1-2 days. The effect is increased if botox is injected again after one week. The results will persist within 4-6 months and then you have to make another injection.

There are several thing you must avoid after the procedure:

  • visit the steam bath, tanning bed and sauna for a week
  • actively use and move the muscle where the toxin was injected at least for 1 day
  • touching the injected place

You have to avoid Botox, if you condition is as the following: Myopia, pregnancy and breastfeeding, infections, inflammation, some immune disease, alcohol abuse, unstable mental condition, taking other medication and if you have to unrealistic expectations of the results after the treatment with Botox.

Possible side effects which can occur are: allergic reactions,headache,breathlessness, fly like symptoms, local bleeding and decreased sensitivity.

After you know more about Botox, then it will be easy to decide to use it or now. Just do not forget that there are also many other treatments for anti aging and with far better long term results, like the Derma Roller. Go for Botox only if you feel it as the only possible way to rejuvenate your skin, and you need an instant fix.

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