What is this ?

Scientia Derma RollerThis a relatively new skin treatment, and in fact not a very well known, so I’ll talk a bit about it, in hope of shedding some light on the matter.

After the initial shock of looking at what seems to be a medieval torture instrument, you are indeed looking at a skin roller, that consists basically in a plastic cylinder with a large amount of thin needles (similar to acupuncture).

There are several derma rollers out there, that take part in the derma roller treatment, but essentially their function is the same, the only important variation is the size of the needle, that can go from 0.15mm to 1.5, depending on the target skin zone

How does it work?

I have three words for you Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), this type of treatment is achieved with micro-needling using a derma roller. This is simply using a natural body method of self regeneration, using the micro needles the skin is pierced very lightly not damaging it, but with enough depth to trigger the “nerve-stimulus”, this promotes the regeneration of the skin around the area where the puncture occurred, promoting the release of collagen. If you multiply a puncture by hundreds you will have all the skin covered with collagen, that eventually will create a new ticker layer of skin that will fill wrinkles, stretch marks … and most skin imperfections, doing it in a very natural way.

Apart from the collagen that is crucial in this, the derma roller also acts as a catalyst to any skin cream that you are using, since it will be absorbed in a much deeper level, its results will be largely increased with this method.

Will this work for my case ?

Don’t think of this a miraculous gadget, but still the derma roller will work to a really wide range of skin problems, everything that is related to skin imperfections, to irrigation problems, even baldness can be minimized using this method, here is a comprehensive list of known applications:

  • Acne Scars Removal and Treatment
  • Stretch Marks Removal and Treatment
  • Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
  • Anti-Aging Treatment
  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Hair Restoration
  • Receding Hairlines
  • Cellulite Treatment and Reduction
  • Scar Removal

Other Advantages of using this treatment:

  • Increased serum absorption
  • Does not damage the skin in a permanent way
  • Virtually pain free
  • Approved for home usage
  • No known negative side effects
  • Very easy to use
  • Cheap compared to other treatments that offer less results

Burn Scar Removal

Acne Scar Removal

Stretch Marks Removal

Stretch Mark Removal week by week

Stretch Mark Removal

Scar Removal

Restored Hair Loss

What is the right derma roller for me

If you have already did some research on the matter, you will find that there are several brands of derma rollers out there, most of them are very similar, but you should not go for the really cheap ones, and always look for a FDA approved and gamma sterilized products with good reviews and instructions manual.

Now take your time to choose the proper needle size, anything above 1.5mm should only be used by professionals, and all other sizes are related to specific conditions:

  • 0.5mm – light acne scaring, mild chicken pox, mild ice pick scars, anti-age and thinning hair,
  • 1.0mm – light stretch marks, deep acne scars, chicken pox scars, ice pick scars, light cellulite and extensive hair loss.
  • 1.5mm – very deep scaring, deep stretch marks and severe cellulite


Public Feedback

The derma roller treatment is starting to have some feedback in the media ( as you see in the video to the right ), there are even some rumours (source) that the popular Jolie-Pitt couple have been using this product for a while, and we all know how they look like, and what celebs do to keep young. Surely in the future we will see much more talk shows, going trough this issue and enlightening more and more people to this method.

Also you can have a look at videos in YouTube where this treatment is addressed, and you see for yourself how to use it and the effects it can have on you skin. Most of them are really from clinics using needles over 1.5 (not suitable for home use) that need numbing creams, but there are also some from everyday people like you and me that use the smaller safe needles at home; I’ll just add a few to ease your up work, but if you do plan on getting one, by all means get all the feedback you can.

How to use it

The usage is generally very simple, for the face and body just use the roller 4 times in each direction (vertical/horizontal and both diagonals), do not roll on the lips or eyelids, there are smaller more specific rollers for those areas. A common question is, how much pressure to apply, you can do it both ways, if you press lightly you can do it everyday and there is no need for a numbing cream, as the trauma is significantly low, if you press a bit harder, it is best to use a numbing cream, and the skin area can be become reddish for the next couple days, so you will need to let it rest. Both ways achieve the same results, so I would go for the low pressure method, because there is less trauma, and no visible redness the following days.

There is only a slight difference when using the derma roller on the scalp, you must use it in a unique direction and don’t go backwards, do it after washing and drying the hair.

Where can I order ?

You can order the derma roller at the www.derma-rollers.com, this site is also a good source of information regarding all subjects related to Collagen Induction Therapy, so if i didn’t answer all you doubts, you will surely find the answer there.

Don’t forget to use a proper cream for each application, you can find these at popular websites (such as amazon), use minoxidil (active substance for popular rogaine) for hair loss issues, and for the face and body a good cream with vitamin C, E and aloe vera is enough to improve results; derma roller packages with vitamin cream are also available at the website mention above.


There is a lot more info out there, that i will surely add in the future, but now you have a good idea on what this is all about, if you want to try it out i suggest to go for the smallest possible needle, and then move up if you feel the need to, since this is relatively cheap you can try it out easily.

Feel free to drop feedback on the matter or question, i am not by any means an expert, but will try to answer all questions.

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20 Comments on Derma Roller Treatment

  1. Bet says:

    I didn’t realize that as I was getting older, my wrinkles were due to a lack of collagen induction — once I started using the derma roller, it definitely makes sense. My wrinkles are disappearing, and I didn’t have to have botox or any surgery.

  2. Richard says:

    Hello, Thanks for viewing my website. I just looked at your’s and fin it very interesting and useful to people with a skin problem.

    Best to you,


  3. meraj khan says:

    how can i apply it on my lips

  4. Perfect Skin Club says:

    You should not use use this on the lip itself, just the surrounding areas, with a smaller 3 line dermaroller.

  5. Tammi says:

    Hi, I have just heard of this today and since my confidence is lacking due to my acne sacrs I was wondering if this is suitable for black people seeing that most of the treatments for scar removal are not?

  6. Perfect Skin Club says:

    Hi Tammi;

    Yes it is suitable for black skin also, since it acts below the skin, promoting collagen growth (that happens in all skin types).

  7. Lisa says:

    How long has this product been tested in regards to what the long term side effects are? What are the side effects? I’m focused predominantly on stretch mark removal.

  8. Perfect Skin Club says:

    Keeping in mind that we are triggering a natural skin growth procedure, the only side effect is really the fading of stretch marks and overall improvement of skin condition.

  9. Bud says:

    Should I apply Vitamin rich cream before rolling or after rolling?

    Also, What is gold cream with marine collagen and elastin. Do I apply that beofre rolling or after rolling.


  10. Perfect Skin Club says:

    Hi Bud;

    All creams come after aplications, so does that Vitamin rich one. The gold cream is a better version of the vitamin cream, mainly because of the elastin, you use the basic vitamin cream or the gold one.

  11. ted says:

    can you use a dermaroller on your penis? i might try it anyway, which one is best to use less than 0,5mm or is 0,5mm good?

  12. Perfect Skin Club says:

    Hi Ted;

    You will need to talk to your urologist about that one, as i never heard of that application.

  13. cher says:

    i have a big keloid scar on my legs due to accident and operation. which pin is better and what cream to use? thanks

  14. Perfect Skin Club says:

    Hi Cher

    You can use the dermaroller on keloids, but there is a very small chance that they re-occur (if you are genetically prone to keloids), depending on the keloid depth, i would go for 1.0mm if it is low or 1.5mm if it is high.

  15. maxine says:

    I would like to buy a derma roller in a store in Las Vegas since I don’t like to buy online. Is there a store that stocks them? Thanks for all the info you provide.

  16. maxine says:

    Do you think the derma roller will help with Telogen Efluvian if I don’t use Minoidol? What about using coconut oil, emu oil or tea tree oil instead. Would any of them be effective. Thanks again.

  17. Leena says:

    Hi. I am going to a beautician for the treatment . How often should I get this .I have been told by her, one every week for 10 sessions to get best results. But I think that may be too abrasive .

  18. hi says:

    Hi! I’m just curious if derma roller will work on my knees, i have scars on my knees due to wounds from childhood years, it is flat like, is derma roller will work for it? i want to remove all of that, i cannot wear short or even dress above my knees because of it.


  19. Perfect Skin Club says:

    Hi Helen;

    Yes dermaroller should help in removing those old scars, just make sure to use a small needle because that area is a bit sensitive.

  20. Perfect Skin Club says:

    Hi Leena;

    It really boils down to needle length, 2.5 months of treament is a good value, once a week might be too much for a longer needle, or just spot on for something like 0.5mm, you should judge that based on you skin recovery after each session really.

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