dermastampI have talked extensively about the dermaroller (if you don’t know what it is take a look here), but there is a new collagen induction therapy device around, we can consider it a younger brother of the dermaroller, because the principals are basically the same.


What is the Dermapen ?

Well it’s all in the name really, with the dermaroller we had a roller, with the dermapen we have a pen. Well in honest truth it is not really a pen in the sense that you can’t write with it, but fair enough. The pen itself acts as a case that keeps the needles in place inside (some have mechanical parts also, but we will discuss that later on) and make it faily easy to work with, the tip of the pen has a small circle or square, and in that area it has a variable amount of small microneedles that perforate the skin in order to stimulate the nerve endings that trigget the collagen production, simple as that.


How does it work ?

Let’s start by going back to the basics and talk about a very important protein that we have in our body, Collagen. This said protein is the main component of connective tissue, and has a great deal of importance to the skin, since it is the protein that gives it the elasticy it has and needs. Our body naturally produces collagen, specially while we are growing up, otherwise we would basically outgrow our skin very fast and it would just break apart all over, the problem is it’s production peaks at around the age of 20, after that it’s all downhill (sadly); so that is why we need to take care of of skin as soon as possible.

But sadly we can’t really reverse age, and sometimes certain skin conditions are very hard if not impossible to avoid, like:

  • Wrinkles
  • Stretch Marks
  • Skin Pigmentation
  • Acne Scars
  • and so on …

Some problems are relatively usual with age, like wrinkles and other age related conditions, but others are really our fault, like stretch marks, scars and such, that just boil down to our lack of awareness to care for the skin. Luckily there is still hope for all of these and more.

What if you could boost collagen production in this damaged skin ? Well since the body doesn’t want to produce that much, we can always give it a hand, using the dermapen (or a dermaroller), and after a few treatments a new layer of collagen will eventually regenerate the skin and give it the original freshness it had before the damage. Just don’t expect blazing fast results, a collagen production cycle takes at least a full month, so this is not a sprint, but more like a marathon, it’s longer but the goal is also greater.


I’ve researched a bit, but i found different types of dermapens what is the best?

dermapenLike all products that eventually get massified, variation is really the deal braker, and ofter manufacturers introduce extra features to make their product pop out of the crowd, same applies here, but we can sum it up in basically four categories:

  • Automatic Dermapen
  • Manual Dermapen with height adjustment
  • Manual Dermapen without height adjustment
  • Single needle Dermapen


The automatic version, and the one that actually has the trademark Dermapen name, is the full on version and ferrari of the lot, it has adjustable needle height and automatic needle vertical movement, it’s only really suitable for clinics and professionals, therefore very expensive and not suitable for home use. Even if you do want to get this one, don’t do it unless you are a trained professional, because you can damage your skin if you use a big needle and don’t know how to work the device, since it is automatic you can only hit the same skin spot for a short time (it does an X number or piercings per second), otherwise you can do more harm than good. If you ever go to a clinic to do a dermapen treatment, this is the one they will use on you.

The manual dermapen (also called dermastamp), has the same principles of the auto version, but it’s manual, so you need to use like a stamp (hence the name), making it slower to work with but a lot more precise and safe. It can also be height adjustable (my personal favourite) and fixed height, as you might have guessed one is cheaper then the other, but the effect is the same, and the expensive on can be used everywhere, unlike the fixed height one.

Finally we have the Single Needle dermapen, that is like the manual without adjustment, but only has one needle, and is designed for very small areas basically, there is also a relative of this called dermaneedle, that is really a needle only, i can’t recommend this one because there is the need to control penetration depth, i’d say again, leave it for pros.


So where can i get mine?

You can get a dermastamp in many places, even ebay, but in the end you should always go for known brands, and as for the dermaroller my advice goes for the Scientia DermaStamp, sold by drugaware in the uk. Mainly because it’s a known brand, that has a “real” office, is a british police supplier, and is really an all around safe and quality product, FDA approved, gamma sterilized needles and so on.

It’s a bit more expensive than a dermaroller, but since it’s adjustable, if you plan on using on multiple body zones it might be worth while.

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