Like in many things in life, we must see it to believe it, and regarding skin treatments this is also so very true. Would you ever trust a treatment that only relies on promisses, and with no actual real feedback? Of course not, there are too many products and treatmetns out there, that fail to deliver, if we were to buy each one we would just be broke, and that is why we need proof, we need before and after pictures.

The Dermaroller has been around for a few years now, long enough for the market to get to know it a little better, and for a lot of customers record their feedback either with written statements, (that, let’s face it, can be easily forged, and it is with so many products), or with photos and videos that are lot more trustworthy, hence the focus of this article, as i will discuss the dermaroller effect on each of the pictures i found of customers.

Dermaroller Acne Scars Before and After Pictures


This is an impressive before and after picture, after just 3 dermaroller sessions, the initial acne scars are a whole lot lighter, and will eventually fade away as the treatment progresses. If you care to look a bit more into details, you can also see that the slight expression wrinkles that this pacient had are a lot dimmer, specially the one on the end edge of the lip



This particular patient, had a very heavy acne pitting, after 2 weeks of treatment, the result speaks for itself, the skin has a new smoother texture, no more heavy pitting, still has some acne scars, that will require further sessions; but she just looks 1000x better, and i’m pretty sure she got a huge morale boost, as these kind of skin condition often beat people down, gladly now they can do something about it.



 This example is like a mix of the previous two, this patient had heavy pitting and pigmented acne scars, after some sessions the improvement is notorious, and again you can see the efect on expression wrinkles near the lip and nose.



Dermaroller Stretch Marks Before and After Pictures


This is a classic example, and a very common place where stretch marks tend to appear, that is the breast tissue, specially after the lactation period after giving birth, where the breast returns to it’s original size. After a few treatments the marks are a lot less visible, and lighter, and will eventually fade away if the treatment lats long enough.



This one is the best example i could find regarding dermaroller and stretch marks, again a very common area, the tummy, in the first picture you can see deep stretch marks, that are virtually gone in the 2nd picture at the end of the treatment.



 Conclusion – Get your Own

There are a lot more before and after pictures to comment on, regarding other uses of the dermaroller, like wrinkles, baldness, thinning hair, general scars, and so on. If you are now convinced and thinking of buying your own, have a look at the Scientia Dermaroller, you can get it here, it was the one i bought (free shipping worldwide) and i’m happy with it.

If you have your own picture that would like to share with the world, let me know and i’ll post them here.

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  1. Deanna says:

    Is there an inexpensive disposable dermaroller out there, because this is just like using tattoo needles, and those have to be disposed of. There surely must be disposable dermarollers that don’t cost almost $30.00 dollars a piece. That is pretty expensive per person.

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