This new type of treatment based on collagen induction therapy promises a lot, and there is only one way to know if it can really deliver the goods, it’s feedback. Either personal or from a 3rd party, it is worth so much more than any aggressive marketing advertising; so i rounded up what, in my opinion, are the most relevant feedback reports, including my personal one.

The dermaroller works on correcting all sorts of skin problems, but I’d have to say that the grand majority of it’s users are mainly trying to remove stretch marks, most of them are females that had a baby a while ago, and the skin just didn’t recover well enough. So what better place to look for feedback than some popular mother-oriented on-line communities.

The results were mixed, most Europeans and North-Americans seem a bit reluctant on trying this method, there is a small percentage that took the dive and went for it, and those are generally happy with the results, but most are just to sceptical to even try it by themselves or at clinics.
The one community that is just booming in the usage of dermarollers is really the Brazilian, if you think about it it makes perfect sense, since the cult of the body is a really important part of everyday life there, most of them work out regularly, and now at least young moms are having a go at the dermaroller. As far as feedback, the results came pretty fast (maybe because they seem to roll a bit more frequently that advised), some complain a bit on the pain using the longer needles, but overall it is very positive, the main problem seems to be choosing where to buy the dermaroller, and what cream to use with it.

But the world can’t be that perfect, and it is true that there is some negative feedback also, at least one or two complained that the stretch marks returned after some months without using the dermaroller, mainly of big breasted women. I can only speculate on the reason, but if you don’t take care of the skin after using the roller, and continue to fail to moisturize it and hydrate it properly (that caused the first stretch marks remember) they will return surely, that would be like losing a lot of weight on a diet, after that return to old habits and expect the weight to stay down, it just doesn’t happen that way.

And as far as third party feedback I’m just done. Moving on to my personal case i bought the SCIENTIA DERMAROLLER a while ago because i have two nasty scars, that came from removing two beauty marks from my back, i waited a few years to see how they would heal up, but sadly they never really improved that much, and are just plain ugly.

At the time of this writing, i have only rolled once, with the 1.5mm dermaroller, using a cream that i bought with the package, and I must say I’m impressed, maybe after a week i noticed that the less deep scar was beginning to blend more with the natural skin tone of the surrounding area, and the deeper scar was starting to fill up. As far as pain goes, it does tingle if you go with the 1.5mm at least, and the skin stays reddish for about one hour, after that all is good, although i did feel some reason feel random tingles once or twice on the scars in the following days that i wasn’t expecting.

Now it’s up to you, do you want to keep those marks forever like some sort of trophy, or do you want the perfect skin that you once had? I’ve already made my choice, don’t wait longer to make yours.

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