The price of anti cellulite products becomes higher and higher each day, and at a certain point you face a dilemma: give up without a fight and fall in the clutches of orange skin or spend a fortune testing all kind of new cosmetics skin products. Luckily there is a third option, to prepare your own anti cellulite product. Now you will see how easy it is to prepare your own homemade anti cellulite soap, simply follow the step by step recipe for preparing it while saving money and creating a high quality skin care product.

Here are the products that you will need:

1.Baby soap-1 pcs.

2.Olive oil -2 tea spoons

3.Coffee grounds-3 tea spoons

4.Essential oil drops from patchouli

5.Essential oil drops from orange

6.Boiling water-half a cup(1,7 oz. or 50 ml.)

7.Sea salt-3 tea spoons

These are the basic proportion for preparing the homemade anti cellulite soap, they can be double or tripled according to your needs.

In this recipe the baby soap provides the washing power, some nourishing and anti cellulite effect. The olive oil will make your skin smooth and soft, sea salt will clean your skin in depth and provide some essential minerals to it.  Coffee grounds not only exfoliates gently but helps for better penetration of the ingredients and also contains caffeine(vital for all anti cellulite products). The essential oils of patchouli and orange improve  the micro circulation and drainage of the tissues.

Method for preparation of homemade anti cellulite soap:

1.First of all put on some safety gear like gloves,mask and goggles to prevent the irritation of your skin and eyes during the process

2.Grate the soap and melt it in a water bath. You can do this by filling a large bowl halfway with water and put it in heat to simmer, after that put a smaller bowl in the large one and add inside the small bowl the grated soap and the olive oil.

3.When the mixture begins to melt, start to stir and add hot water. The goal is to get all the products to be mixed homogeneously without forming lumps or excessive foam.

4.Now you can add and the rest of the active ingredients needed for producing this homemade anti cellulite soap: coffee grounds and sea salt.

You have to stir the mixture for about 3-4 minutes.

5.The last step after removing the mixture from the heat is to add the essential oils of orange and patchouli.

So that is all and you already have your first homemade anti cellulite soap done, try it and kiss your cellulite goodbye.

If you want perfect results, combine this soap with a derma roller and a good vitamin cream, and you are ready to go.

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