Removing Facial Wrinkles

We all will eventually have more and more of them, but it is possible to attenuate and even remove to some extent the facial wrinkles, caused by age, expressions such as frowning or even smiling, it all contributes to developing more and more these facial traces of our age. There are fast ways to temporarily hide them, like botox and it’s derivatives, but for a real lasting effect you must dig elsewhere.

So why did i develop Facial Wrinkles

The key element to facial wrinkles is really Collagen, or to be more specific, the lack of it in the skin as the years go by. When we are young and growing up the skin produces a lot of collagen so it can stretch and grow with the body, when we finally reach the end of the body growth, the collagen production decreases and eventually ceases to halt. In practical terms what this means is that the skin will start losing elasticity and that will cause among other things wrinkles and stretch marks.

What can i do to prevent this from happening?

Unfortunately you really cannot avoid this decrease in the collagen natural production, what you can do is promote collagen production in your problematic areas, by doing that you will form a new layer of skin that will correct your previous wrinkles and other imperfections while giving the skin a lot more elasticity. Now you are asking yourself how can you do it, the answer is simple, trough CIT, Collagen Induction Therapy.

There are other drastic solutions for wrinkles, like plastic surgery, but really if you come to think of it, you are just forcing the skin to stretch, and really not correcting the problem, that is the lack of elasticity.

Derma Roller

This collagen induction therapy is not really a new thing, some clinics have been applying collagen shots to patients for quite some time, and it does work to some extent, the main issue is that like surgery it is expensive, very localized and not natural, because the collagen they are injecting is not produced by the patient himself Luckily there is now something called Derma Roller, it’s a tool that promotes the collagen production by the skin itself.

The tool resembles a medieval torture device, but in fact is nothing more than roller with a lot of small micro-needles (less than 1.5mm) that pierce the skin just enough to trigger a response from the nerve endings;so they tell the skin to produce a new layer of collagen to fix this small intrusion. If you multiply this by the hundreds of needles on the roller, the skin will have a fresh layer of collagen all over it, that will cover up those wrinkles in a very natural and effective way.

smooth skinApart from this obvious collagen promotion, the derma roller provides also a much better absorption rate to any cream you use it with, that happens because the cream will penetrate the skin easily and deeper since now it has some tiny holes (that will seal up within a day) that direct the cream to a inner layer of skin.

As far as wrinkles go, any decent multivitamin cream will provide good results with the derma roller. Another key factor is choosing the right derma roller, but as long as it is FDA approved and the needles are gamma sterilized you should be ok, keep in mind that the cheaper models seen on ebay are disposable ones, so you should only use them for the time indicated, as a personal point of view i would go to know brands, such as the Scientia Derma Roller, they are a bit more costly, but you can use them for months safely.

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