Is it really possible ?

Simple answer is YES, it is possible to get rid of stretch marks. I’ve read a lot in forums and blogs and it seems that really almost no one is aware of this, as most people state that it is not possible to remove the mark, only fade it a bit with creams, and even surgery will not make things perfect. Ok this might have been true in the past, but nowadays this just does not stand as a lot still insist, and the real promoter of this change is CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy).


CollagenThis protein is the key in all this, because basically it is responsible for skin strength, growth and elasticity. The only problem is with age and when we stop growing, the collagen production will decrease, and that is why we commonly only see stretch marks after teen ages. Another cause of stretch marks is the rapid skin stretch, that can occur during pregnancy and other rapid growths, it happens because the skin has limited elasticity, and takes some time to adapt, if that time is not given, or the skin is not prepared for it (vitamin C is really key here as it helps prevent stretch marks) it will scar and cause our dreaded stretch mark.

So how do we get rid of the stretch marks we already have ? Yes you know it now, we need more collagen in the skin, and how do we get do it ? Using a CIT such as a derma roller.


Derma Roller?

Derma RollerYes, the derma roller is the easiest way to promote collagen growth on the skin, this device is nothing more than a plastic roller with small micro-needles in it’s surface, it sounds painful but it is not, because the needles are really micro-small only have 1.5mm or less. It works because these small needles pierce the skin just enough to trigger the skin’s nerve endings, that trigger collagen production, so if you roll the derma roller in the areas where you want to get rid of stretch marks, i will form a new collagen layer that will ticken the skin, and covering up all imperfection on the process.

Apart from it’s usage as a collagen induction therapy, the derma roller is also a catalyst to creams, as it will increase their absorption up to 2000x, just think with me, most creams claim they will have an effect on the skin, but we can only apply them on the outside layer, so only a very small percentage will ever infiltrate enough to give improvements, but if the cream can be absorbed in a deeper layer (trough the tiny holes we just did) it’s effect will be improved by a great deal. In our case that we want to get rid of stretch marks we should use Vitamin Creams with our derma roller, specially vitamin C as i already stated, but a good multivitamin one will also do the trick; these creams are also a lot less expensive than those miracle stretch marks creams, that really can’t do much on their own.

Is this safe for home use ?

There are several needle sizes for derma rollers, the only ones safe for home use the ones below 1.5mm, anything above that should only be handled by professionals on specialized clinics. The only real difference in needle sizes is really how fast will the collagen growth occur, if you can take your time and do it at home, or spend a bit more money and do it in a clinic, but even at clinics you will have to do multiple sessions, and that is why i personally advice of going for the home versions, because you will save money in the end, and can use it more often.

If you are really interested in having a go at this , have a look at the Scientia Derma Roller, and their website, is really complete in explaining all there is to know about derma rollers and collagen induction therapy, you can even order at their website with free shipping worldwide

Final Toughts

Now it is only up to you to get the job done, and trust me it really is possible to get rid of stretch marks forever, using any collagen induction therapy. If you go for a home derma roller it will be much cheaper than specific creams and I’m not going to even talk about surgeries, because you really don’t need them to solve this issue.

Please don’t forget to comment on this, or if you need more information on the matter, have a look at the other articles i wrote about derma rollers.

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