Thin, brittle and splitting nails are not only an aesthetic disaster, but also a sign that something in your body is wrong.

Nails become brittle if you suffer a thyroid disorder or if you have some intestine problems. This also can occur if there is a lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body. Two more reasons for splitting nails are the humidity and the incorrect cutting and care.

Nail Sickness, not the end of the line.

The “sick” tissue of the nails can be cured with proper treatment and nourishing. The best way to achieve that goal is to change a little bit your diet and consume more food containing calcium. Eat more almonds, figs, milk products (milk, cheese and etc.).You also have to cook with vegetable oil. Very beneficial for nails are the whole grain breads, fish and seafood, vegetables and avocados. You can also take and vitamin H (biotin) tablets.

One of the best products you can find nowadays are the jewel nail strengtheners. They contain small jeweled particles that strengthen the nails, forming a stable protective film, which among all other benefits gives nails an attractive sheen.

You can also use different gels with calcium and vitamin E, which contain different minerals to promote growth and strength of nails (applied below the nail polish as a basis). Vitamin E prevents the dry out and loss of fat and calcium strengthens the nails by increasing their resistance against breaking and splitting.

If your nails are already sick, you can apply some easy home procedures to speed up their recovery:

1. Treatment with oil – In a small bowl add some warm oil, 4-6 drops of alcohol iodine solution and mix well. When the mixture is ready just dip your fingers in the bowl let the oil cover and heal your nails. Stay like that for about 10 minutes and after that wash your hands.

2. Treatment with mineral water. It is very simple and effective procedure. All you have to do is to put your fingers inside a glass of mineral water for about 10 minutes. The minerals will strengthen your nails and help for their recovery. If you want to double the effect of the procedure, apply nail polish base coat containing calcium.

3. Procedure with regular table salt. The best time for such a procedure is at evening. Add in a bowl of boiling water 5 table spoons of salt and let the water cool to such a temperature so you can safely keep your fingers inside without being burned. Stay like that 2-3 minutes and then wash your hands. Then you can apply glycerin on your skin.

Low Nutrients ?

The main reason for the poor condition of the nail is a shortage in the body of a lot micro elements and nutrient. There is a way of the nail tissue to restore the healthy appearance. If you regularly and daily take 10 mg. gelatin, it will bring the needed and useful components into your body.

Not so crystal clear ?

If your nails are yellow and brittle, you can make the following procedure. In a small bowl of hot oil add a few drops of lemon juice and Vitamin A. Put your fingers inside after the oil is cooled. 10 minutes will be enough for your nails to feel the healthy effect of the treatment. Do the procedure weekly.

Your diet is also very important. Try to consume food rich in vitamins A and D, calcium, minerals and gelatin.

If you follow all the tips and procedures above, then you will be the master of the fortress of the healthy and brilliant nails.

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