Organic makeup and skincare go hand in hand these days. Organic cosmetics is a term that sums up a wide range of natural skincare products or options. Organic skin care products can consist of mineral based ingredients, plant materials, and plants. So what does organic basically means? Well, organic products are basically those that are not exposed to any chemicals or pesticides. Make sure that whatever organic skin care product you get says certified on it otherwise it might have pesticides in it.

Organic Skin Care Products

As I mentioned above that organic skin care products contain plant derivatives or minerals or a combination of both. There is a misconception commonly believed by people that organic skin care is totally better and safe compared to chemical made skin care products. Well, toxins can be found in plants as well and plants can too contain carcinogens in them. Also, sometimes minerals also have high levels of toxicity. If you choose to get organic skin care products, make sure you do a little research over the ingredients of the product to make sure there is nothing poisonous or allergic in it.

What to Buy

When you are out shopping for organic skin care, make sure to keep a list of items you have to get; see what all makeup you put on so you will know what to look for. Legwork will be the next step to take. Consult online or from some health food store to see if there is anything that should be replaced in your list of items. Now comes the guess and test part where you will simply go to your shopping mall, see what organic skin care products are available and test them. There are many products available as samples that you can take and check how your skin reacts to them so you know you are investing in the right thing.

Test the Products

You will see in a few minutes whether your skin is allergic to any of the organic skin care products or not. You will look for itching, redness, and blotches. If you notice any of these reactions, drop that product. Once you know what you really want to get; go for the products made by reputable companies only as many of them will just say organic but they actually will have chemicals in them. Today, there is a wide variety of items to choose from when it is about organic skin care.

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