The condition of your facial skin becomes a big reason behind how people perceive you as an individual. Many people do not agree to this but your appearance does matter in several cases. If you have a face giving radiant and healthy looks; people will surely talk to you in a different tone. On the other hand, if your facial skin is looking unhealthy; people will think that either you have a bad grooming habit or you are just not good at taking care of yourself. Naturally this might not be true but this is why you should know how to take good care of your facial skin.

Take Care of Your Skin

Today, it has become very important to look good and thankfully there are so many skin care products available that can help us in achieving this goal easily. If you prefer a luxury treatment and best results then a salon or spa would work great. So what really is a facial treatment and what all does it has? Well, let me tell you some of the common equipment used to take care of facial skin. There is facial massager, head covering, facial masks, facial steamer, facial bed or chair, cotton, cotton pads, creams, moisturizers, sanitizers, astringents, and cleansers used.

After knowing the tools and equipment used for a good facial treatment, you should also know what the process steps are. Well, there will application of toners and protective creamers, application of facial mask, facial massage to stimulate the skin and relax your body, removal of blackheads, exfoliation with steaming, skin analysis, and facial cleansing.

Facial Skin Care

The best part is that almost all the skin care equipment used in facial skin care can be bought easily and the treatment can be done by self at home as well. The only difference will be that you will be saving a whole bunch of money this way doing this yourself. Just make sure that you get some good skin care products that are effective and safe to use. Having the best moisturizers and cleansers will make sure that the results are no less than that of a salon with a cost effective treatment. Once you go for facial skin treatment, the results can be noticed immediately and if you carry on with this regularly; your skin will look alive, fresh, and a lot better permanently compared to how it was before.

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on February 10th, 2012

The evil stretch marks, a lot is said about this subject, simply because it affects the vast majority of the population, females and even males alike know this issue too well, and in most cases just don’t know what to do or have given up and learnt to live with them. The truth is that there are many treatments to help with this condition, from simple creams, to extensive surgery, but still the results are kind of lacking, the skin by nature has a hard time to absorb creams on the skin surface and surgery eventually leaves scars. Hence the reason for this article, to let you know of a relatively new type of treatment, based on collagen induction therapy (CIT), called DermaRoller.


Scientia DermaRoller

The dermaroller is nothing more than a small device that is meant to be used at home, consists in a small cylinder covered with micro-needles. At first sight u can understand that you think this is some sort of medieval torture device, but it is very far from it, in reality those needles are in fact very very small, and have at max 1.5mm of height, due to this you can only feel a slight tingle while using it.

This type of treatment (CIT) has the main goal of promoting natural collagen growth on the skin, because this is the protein that gives the skin’s elastic property. As years go by our skin starts to produce less and less collagen, this allied to a pregnancy, quick weight gain and other known triggers, will cause the appearance of stretch marks, that are nothing more than skin zones where the skin tore itself by the lack of enough elasticity.


Trough the usage of a DermaRoller to treat stretch marks, a new layer of fresh collagen will grow in the skin, this same layer will fill out skin imperfections (including stretch marks), and will in time develop in a ticker layer of skin. This process is achieved by the micro-needles that we spoke about earlier, their size is just enough to penetrate the first superficial layer of the skin, and activate nerve endings that promote collagen growth; if we multiply this for the various needles and along all the damaged skin, we will eventually end up with a new collagen layout that will “rebuild” the skin and “erase” the stretch marks.

Antes e depois do dermaroller

Pictures of Before and After the treatment

I’ve had a hard time to find out a place that actually sold these in regular stores, so i’ve gone the online route. There are several brands, and various needle sizes, the best on just to get a feel of things is really the 0.5mm needles, since they are the smallest, then if you feel the need just get some bigger ones up to 1.5mm( more than this size, and you are talking about medical size length, that should only be used in clinics),  as far as brands go, as long as you go for an FDA approved, and the needles are gamma sterilized, you should be fine.


Cure as suas estrias com o Scientia Derma Roller

There is a very good website about the Scientia DermaRoller, where you can find pretty much everything you need to know in detail about this kind of treatment, and even order the product itself there (they have some nice package deals also, if you need a cream to go with it), their HQ is in the UK, but they send free of charge to anywhere in the world, so it’s all good.

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on December 22nd, 2011

The fennel essential oil is one of the greatest essential oils. It is well known and used since ancient times. The people believed that the oil prolongs the life, adds additional power and keeps the bad spirits away. The main benefits of the oil are due to the high levels of of different chemicals compounds which are included in the oil. Some of them are anathole, pinene, camphene, fenhole and fellandrena. The fennel essential oil is produced by steam distillation of the seeds of the plant and has sweet, a little bit spicy and close to anise flavor.


The essential oil of fennel greatly helps the organism to remove the toxins and many people who like to have many different meals and alcohol discovered already discovered its healing abilities. It also has great diuretic and mild laxative effect. The oil is perfect for people who have problems with the digestion system such as constipation and nausea.


The fennel essential oil stimulates the production of estrogen and that’s why it is very effective during the menstrual cycle. It also helps to increase the lactation and its antifungal abilities also increase its popularity among the aromatherapy world. When it is used for sanitation and refreshing the air in the room, the funnel essential oil can reduce the fungi in the air several times. So, the oil has the great ability to make your home safer place.


This natural miracle also is very active antioxidant that has antispasmodic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory action. It is widely used by people who have heart related problems such as arrhythmias and hypertension reactions. The oil reduces the blood pressure and improves the cardiac conduction. Fennel oil has a hepatoprotective action during toxic damage of the liver. It is amazing, but it also has the ability to improve the appetite and the digestive and bronchial secretion. The benefits of the usage of the oil for the skins are really great and undoubtful.


The key futures and actions of funnel oil:

  • Anti-inflammatory and healing action, great antioxidant
  • Antibacterial, anthelmintic, diuretic and carminative action
  • Ability to extent the blood vessels
  • Expectorant
  • Soothing effect
  • Smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the skin tone


You can use funnel essential oil if you suffer from:

  • Pulmonary tuberculosis and chronic bronchitis
  • Angina and different heart related conditions
  • Reduction of lactation
  • Gout and urolithiasis
  • Pyelonephritis, cystitis and urinary tract infection
  • Hepatitis, gastritis, gastroduodenitis and enterocolitis
  • Delayed menstruation
  • After heavy alcohol and nicotine intake
  • Sore throat and stomatitis
  • Different problems related with sensitive skin


It is not recommended to use funnel essential oil during pregnancy and children under age of 6 also should not apply the oil.


Methods of application of funnel essential oil:

  • Aroma lamp – 2 drops will be enough to feel the useful benefits of the oil
  • Aroma bath – use 4-6 drops
  • Aromatherapy massage – just add 5 drops into 10 ml of the massage oil


You can also use the oil for the preparation of many homemade and effective creams, masks, gels and compresses. Just check around internet for some great recipes and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this natural miracle for very cheap price.

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Basil essential oil is another great natural product which is well known for its healing properties. The flavor of the oil is fresh, strong and spicy-sweet. The composition of the oil is really special and contains many valuable chemical components. The essential oil of basil is produced by steam distillation of the leaves and flowers of the plant.


Basil essential oil is very useful against headaches, depression, fatigue, anxiety. It will easily help you to lift your mood and to forget about the daily stress. Nowadays, more and more people recognize the great properties of this natural remedy. It is also very beneficial against many respiratory diseases. It is widely used by people suffering from cold, cough, rhinitis, bronchitis and asthma. It also has proven bactericidal activity against fungi, dangerous microorganisms and different streptococci. Interesting fact about basil essential oil is that only Monarda essential oil has better antibacterial properties. That’s why the oil is so valuable and useful. When it is used in combination with antibiotics, the basil essential oil increases their efficiency up to 10 times. So, it will help you to reduce the dosage of the antibiotics which your doctor prescribed for healing different health conditions.


The basil essential oil is great for reducing the severity of delayed hypersensitivity and clears and improves the airways of patients suffering from bronchitis. The oils can be used very effectively against many chronic inflammatory skin diseases, wounds and burns. That’s because basil ointments have wide range of healing properties – anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action. They will greatly stimulate your immune system and their bactericidal action will help your body and health to remain in perfect condition.


The main features and effects of basil oil


* Anti-stress, anti-depressant and tonic

* Anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-sclerotic action

* Antioxidant and adaptogen

* Strong germicidal effect – fungi, viruses, mucoplasma

* stimulates the immune system

* Expectorant and antispasmodic


You can use the power of basil essential oil if you suffer from:


* Bronchitis and pulmonary tuberculosis

* Acute and persistent pneumonia

* As a influenza prevention

* Different diseases caused by infections

* Different types of cancer

* Different tines infections

* Wounds and burns which are infected and difficult to heal

* High cholesterol and atherosclerosis

* Menstrual pains – Dysmenorrhea

* Headache, melancholy and other different mental illnesses

* All types of sinusitis

* Gout


Remember, it is prohibited to use basil essential oil during pregnancy without the permission of a specialist. It is also not recommended for children. So, be careful and always seek advice if you intend to use it under these conditions.


Methods of application of basil essential oil


* Aroma lamps – just add 2 drops of the oil in the lamp for every 5 square meters of the room for best effect

* Aroma bath – just add 4-7 drops and you will feel the healing effect of the oil almost immediately

* Aroma massage – add 4-6 drops per 15 ml massage oil

* Hot inhalation – you can add 2 drops and apply the procedure for about 5 minutes

* Cold inhalation – 3-5 drops and apply the procedure for about 3-5 minutes

* Aromatherapy medallion – 2-3 drops and inhale when you need


on October 3rd, 2011

Like in many things in life, we must see it to believe it, and regarding skin treatments this is also so very true. Would you ever trust a treatment that only relies on promisses, and with no actual real feedback? Of course not, there are too many products and treatmetns out there, that fail to deliver, if we were to buy each one we would just be broke, and that is why we need proof, we need before and after pictures.

The Dermaroller has been around for a few years now, long enough for the market to get to know it a little better, and for a lot of customers record their feedback either with written statements, (that, let’s face it, can be easily forged, and it is with so many products), or with photos and videos that are lot more trustworthy, hence the focus of this article, as i will discuss the dermaroller effect on each of the pictures i found of customers.

Dermaroller Acne Scars Before and After Pictures


This is an impressive before and after picture, after just 3 dermaroller sessions, the initial acne scars are a whole lot lighter, and will eventually fade away as the treatment progresses. If you care to look a bit more into details, you can also see that the slight expression wrinkles that this pacient had are a lot dimmer, specially the one on the end edge of the lip



This particular patient, had a very heavy acne pitting, after 2 weeks of treatment, the result speaks for itself, the skin has a new smoother texture, no more heavy pitting, still has some acne scars, that will require further sessions; but she just looks 1000x better, and i’m pretty sure she got a huge morale boost, as these kind of skin condition often beat people down, gladly now they can do something about it.



 This example is like a mix of the previous two, this patient had heavy pitting and pigmented acne scars, after some sessions the improvement is notorious, and again you can see the efect on expression wrinkles near the lip and nose.



Dermaroller Stretch Marks Before and After Pictures


This is a classic example, and a very common place where stretch marks tend to appear, that is the breast tissue, specially after the lactation period after giving birth, where the breast returns to it’s original size. After a few treatments the marks are a lot less visible, and lighter, and will eventually fade away if the treatment lats long enough.



This one is the best example i could find regarding dermaroller and stretch marks, again a very common area, the tummy, in the first picture you can see deep stretch marks, that are virtually gone in the 2nd picture at the end of the treatment.



 Conclusion – Get your Own

There are a lot more before and after pictures to comment on, regarding other uses of the dermaroller, like wrinkles, baldness, thinning hair, general scars, and so on. If you are now convinced and thinking of buying your own, have a look at the Scientia Dermaroller, you can get it here, it was the one i bought (free shipping worldwide) and i’m happy with it.

If you have your own picture that would like to share with the world, let me know and i’ll post them here.

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