Several people do not know this but their skin texture varies a lot as the season changes. I bet you did not know this either; well, you need different skin care type in every different season. Usually it is the winter season when our skin needs a lot more care. I used to be pretty frustrated because of my dry skin during winters but then I did some research and got to know how to take care of dry skin during winter season. As the season of winter is cooler yet drier, you will change your skin care routine accordingly.

Winter Skin Care

You can keep on washing your face twice or thrice every day. In order to maintain that healthy complexion you have, make sure you cleanse your skin as well. All that irritated skin will soothe down and the dead cells with harmful pollutants will get rinsed off. Throughout winters every day our face is exposed off to the cold and dry wind; this is what does the main damage. Even if you go out for a little while your face will get all red and raw with irritated skin. Not only your facial skin, but all the skin that is exposed to the cold weather will get in the same condition. The best solution to this problem is to keep yourself covered including your face as well as much as you can; do not let that cold and dry wind touch your skin. Wrapping a scarf around your neck and lower face is the best way to prevent your skin from taking any damage.

Winter Moisturizer

Your moisturizer needs to be changed with this changing weather. It is always wise to switch to a heavier moisturizer since this will make sure that your skin’s natural moisture is sealed in and your skin is defended against the harsh weather and dryness. That light moisturizer works great only in the summers so put that away for a while now.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Using a face scrub two to three times every week is also good. Doing this will make sure that your skin is exfoliated and all those dead cells and any other build up are removed. Make sure you do not use a face scrub on daily basis otherwise your skin will get over dry. Keep this to not more than three times in a week. Taking these necessary steps will keep your skin healthy and bright during the harsh winters.

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