Get Rid Of Age Spots

It is surely possible to get rid of age spots on the skin surface and lighten those dark patches up. However, in order to get rid of them you have to first understand what causes them in the first place. There a number of reasons behind the appearance of age spots on the skin surface; have a look at the most common ones described below.

A leading cause behind this problem in females is hormonal changes that occur usually during menopause or pregnancy when the skin is producing excessive melanin. This is the element that basically takes care of the skin’s color. Therefore, if more melanin is produced, the skin color will get darker. So if this is the case then all the areas that are hyper pigmented with get blotchy and patchy.

Natural Aging Process

Another cause is the aging process that is of course natural. As we age, the process of skin cell production slows down gradually. The skin cells in the upper layer will start to look darker since they are getting old and the new ones are being produced slowly therefore they desire to be replaced by the new ones. Also, if there is a collagen deficiency as the person ages, this can too show age spots on the skin surface. Collagen basically makes sure that the translucent appearance of the skin is maintained therefore when there is a decrease of collagen; the pigmented spots start to show as they get darker and the skin gets lighter.

Alcohol and Toxins

One more leading cause behind these age spots are alcohol and toxins. It is very interesting that several products made to fix age spots actually contain alcohol in them and at the same time some other toxins can trigger more melanin production causing this problem. For instance, there is an ingredient named hydroquinone; this is commonly found in several skincare products. However, this can sometimes help while it can also bring in hyper pigmentation.

People who consume alcohol a lot are at a higher risk of getting these age spots. This happens because excessive alcohol starts interfering in the body’s process of absorbing minerals and nutrients from the foods.

Sun Spots

Lastly, a very common cause of having age spots on the skin surface is due to sun exposure. People who do not sunscreen before exposing their skin to the harmful UV rays and sunlight often end up noticing these spots on their skin.

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