This is one question that has been asked several times in comments to other posts related to the topic, so I thought I should produce an exclusive article, to clear some of the doubts, or at least minimize it to make your purchase consciously.

Before you buy, what you need to take in consideration.

Like any other purchase you do, and this also applies to the purchase of a Derma roller, you need to spend some time to consider all the variations inherent in the purchase, in this case please check the following:

  • Check whether you are buying from a trusted brand, or a counterfeit.
  • Check if the needles are sterilized by gamma rays.
  • Check the quality of the steel used in the needles.
  • Check if it has the FDA stamp of approval.
  • Check if there is feedback from other buyers.
  • Be wary of very low prices.
  • Check if the device is disposable, or can be reused (a lot of influence in the price).
  • Buy preferably through PayPal
  • Buy wherever it is offered a return period if not satisfied.
  • Buy where you are provided detailed instructions for use.


The question to be a reliable brand in a way includes some of the other factors to take into account, but fortunately it is easy to identify these marks, because the product description is always very scarce and there is virtually no mention of the name. Most derma rollers dealers from China fall into this category, it also includes much of derma rollers for sale on ebay and similar sites.


The needles are the component that actually comes into contact with skin, so it is very important to check the quality of them, particularly the type of steel used and the type of sterilization. Here there is no room for doubt, the steel has to be surgical and the needles should be sterilized by gamma rays, these two features ensure safety and quality of treatment, if regular steel is used, the needles can blend or become dull/blunt, which can cause irreversible damage to the skin due to the needle tearing as opposed to cleanly piercing the skin. The sterilization of the Derma roller ensures that what we receive at home is effectively free of any bacteria / virus and it is safe to use, all derma rollers sterilized by gamma rays come factory sealed, if the one you bought was not sealed, or seal was broken, do not use it and complain to the vendor.


The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is much more than a simple acronym, it is the entity that ensures the American public health through regulation and supervision of various products, including medical devices, which includes the Derma roller. Without this accreditation there is no guarantee about the manufacturing process and overall product quality. No matter how cheap is the Derma roller you are thinking of buying, if it is not accredited by the FDA, simply ignore it, it can go well and you have no problems, but if you do you will not have legal grounds to complain to the supplier, so avoid at all costs.

Feedback from other users

The feedback from other buyers is essential in order to have a real feel of the product to buy, any salesperson will tell you that theirs is the best in the world, while ultimately the consumer has a much more realistic view,and the Derma roller is no exception, look for opinions of users who have bought in that place or that brand, just to make sure that everything the sales ad says is true.


Many brands are silent on this aspect, but the truth is that a Derma roller is not eternal, and should only be used for a given amount of time, generally it is advisable to exchange Derma roller 2x per year, or 6 in 6 months if it is from a brand that meets all the conditions I mentioned here. Unfortunately there are brands that don’t mention if it is reusable and deceive the buyer, because he thinks they are buying a reusable Derma roller, when in reality this is not true. There are some who say that it is disposable, but are very rare, and this is why you should be wary of very low prices, because probably they are disposable and should only be used once, otherwise you risk skin damage, due to poor needle quality.


With regard to guarantees, always buy where you are allowed to use paypal because it is an extra security in the whole process, if there is some dispute within 45 days of purchase, where you paid and not received the product, just submit the case to paypal and they deal with everything cleanly, and almost always in favour of the buyer. Another service that some brands promise are the money-back guarantee, where you can return the product if you are not happy with it, and there is a full refund, there are few that promise this, I only know one that does this that is the Scientia Derma roller I have spoken on the blog, but there are probably others who also offer the 7 day moneyback guarantee.

Operating instructions

What good is in buying a Derma roller if in the end you don’t know how to use it? This is a fact that is often overlooked but is crucial, always make sure that your Derma roller comes with instructions, because although it seems simple, there is a whole process of material preparation, cleaning procedures, aftercare treatment pointers that no one knows better than the actual manufacturer.


Finally, it could not finish the article without suggesting of a brand that meets all these conditions, I mean the Scientia Derma Roller . There are many other brands on the market, but very few have sufficient quality to be even considered, there are others that are good, but that they fail with an excessive price tag and availability, such as “Dermaroller” (name of the first brand to offer product), when I was being shopping for my Derma roller after an email exchange with the representative, i easily realized there was only a commercial interest in selling to clinics (at a price with three digits) and that they are not available for a direct sale to final consumers. So I turned to the Scientia Derma Roller , after some research i found out that it is a registered trademark/brand, which inspires confidence, and luckily found a dealer that offers free shipping to all over the world, this dealer provides the British police with  gear to measure alcohol levels, drug testing, among many others.

So if you’re still in doubt, go the safe way, the Scientia Derma Roller meets all the conditions mentioned above, the shipping is free to the entire world, there are discounts if you buy a pack of derma rollers, or if you buy a pack of a Derma roller + vitamin cream (which is what I chose, and I only regret not having bought more cream at the time).

I hope i managed to answer all your questions about what needs to be taken into account when choosing where to buy yours, be sure to share your opinion, and share your experience with the Derma roller, so we can all benefit in the end.

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2 Comments on Where to Buy Your Derma roller

  1. Grace says:

    Hey – thanks so much for this article, great detail and thank you for mentioning the type of steel which has to be used, the damage they could potentially cause, and the fact that they do have a shelf life (which is shorter than I thought it would be). I am going to try one but the price of the Scientia one is quite high.
    Can I ask, have you used the Scientia one with positive results compared to a cheaper one?
    You might like to look at my makeup and beauty blog –
    Many thanks,Grace

  2. Perfect Skin Club says:

    Hi Grace;

    I only used the Scientia, so i really can’t compare to others, just make sure you get one that is safe, and not disposable (there are some that are only supposed to be used once) .

    Best Regards.

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